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Conversation stalled
Eyes locked
Hearts beating
Breath increasing
Heads moving
Eyes closing
Accidental interruption
Moment passed #130story

Sharks were originally called sea dogs. Dr Johnson changed it after borrowing money from a loan shark after losing to a card shark @130story

As he climbed on the roof he remembered Rod Hull and Nigel in The Archers and thought. "Maybe I should have got a professio....." @130story

The mouse scampered across the floor stopping briefly to look at him. It had finally come to this, even the mice were leaving him @130story

"I'm putting you in my book" he said smiling at her. She looked up from her coffee and smiled back "Oh great, umm what's a book?" @130story

The envelope sat on the doormat staring at him. It was her handwriting but it was a ghost letter from the past. Should he open it? @130story

Cancer had taken Charming and Pneumoconiosis had taken the dwarves over the years. Lucky i still have my looks thought Snow White @130story

"You can't have a comic and sweets"
Dom's face crumpled, he dropped to the floor and screamed
"Dom you're 35, don't make a scene" @130story