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'Yes..Malik here, just outta the sector 7 mine, Tagyl 4..need to get off this want to meet?' Syra reflected on the offer @130story

Her face, in the mirror, reflected a Picasso painting after he smashed it. He always was quite the artist. @130story

Plump & pear-shaped from sitting, I'm told to go to the altar of God by Elija who shows up and tells me I'll do that and be there. @130story

He gazed at her across the hall as the crowd cheered their new MP. His expression mirrored her doubts about this one's integrity. @130story

Cancer had taken Charming and Pneumoconiosis had taken the dwarves over the years. Lucky i still have my looks thought Snow White @130story

A bullet smashes the mirror & I recoil. "Sniper, top window. Ready?" He nods. I break cover at a sprint & pray he doesn't miss. @130story

He hung up. As the phone dimmed, he saw his face reflected in the screen. Tired eyes bagged, hair unkempt. Older. But still here. @130story

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