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8pm. My Uncle is due after so many years. I got candles, Port. Adding my home-made strychnine to the decanter, the scene is [email protected]

From the top of the hill you could see it all. The hills made their way down towards the bay and the little ships packed with men. @130story

"Your drunk Steven.Go Home!" raged Sarah. Steve was standing outside Sarah's house in the rain with only one question on his mind @130story

"What's my motivation for this scene again?" The director sighed & put his head in his hands. Mr Milano was not going to be happy. @130story

A seaside postcard, faded and brown at the edges. The forgotten adventure of his youth captured in a 50p souvenir, kept in a draw. @130story

Scene” by hill79, 13 Sep 13

"You can't have a comic and sweets"
Dom's face crumpled, he dropped to the floor and screamed
"Dom you're 35, don't make a scene" @130story

Everything was in place. Years of meticulous planning would all be for naught if this went wrong now. And... enter stage left... @130story

Slowly, the blast door opened. Out of the darkness, the letterbox of light grew taller, revealing the fresh landscape to the team. @130story

Scene” by webman_, 13 Sep 13