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When traders pound the Pound,
and the dollar's sent to cents;
when you're owed a pile of euros,
it creates a yen for the Yen. #130story

Yen” by ipswicher, 4 Dec 17

We grew selfish, cruel and sinful,
And our egos were enormous.
St Francis saw it wouldn't do,
So decided to reform us.

The soap was in the doldrums,
With poor reviews and ratings,
The public wanted something more
Than murder, thugs and matings.

The King subjects his subjects to his views on many subjects. The subjects remain subjective, subject to continuing prosperity. #130story

His job, dog and sprog,
All go into his blog,
And very funny he makes them.
But no reader learns,
How his late wife he yearns. #130story

Her face once sank 1,000 ships,
Now we have her on Look East.
So what's your secret, Helen?
'Just torpedoes, cream and yeast.' #130story

At last he found a site to discuss his theories about the meaning of life. Then he discovered he was only allowed 130 characters. #130story

Her writing hopes in a mess
She took a job in the press.
Few papers sold
She was left in the cold
As the Internet did it for less.