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12 Sep 13 - 9 Feb 17


Earlybird! 5!

Fear crept in. Something needed to be done, acting innocent was as bad as acting ignorant. The white lie no longer seemed so clean #130story

Finally their eyes met across the boardroom table. How long had they been watching each other unawares before now? Hours?
Years? #130story

He walked in, looking as if something was on the tip of his tongue. Maybe what he wanted to say was amongst the papers he left.

He'd seen her drain the last from the third bottle that week. If there was anything to say it wasn't for a subordinate to say it. #130story

The screen froze. His mind did not. A million thoughts rushed through his head at once. Past, future, truth & lies.

Quit” by kathryn83, 4 Feb 17

Pouring the very last drop from the bottle, she wondered why she bothered with the formalities of a glass. No one ever watched her #130story

Would anyone hear if I stood atop a lofty height? Maybe just might. Doesn't matter what the volume, I love you more than mushrooms @130story

Wind” by kathryn83, 3 Oct 13