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13 Jul 17 - 9 Mar 19



John fancied himself as a writer
He wanted to publish a book
About a boy that never grew old
With a villain called Captain Hook.
Mum someones stolen my idea.
Poor John !

This spider is an industrial beast
He weaves his web of steel
Even if your an arachnophobe
He has a certain kerb appeal

John wanted to flip a pancake
Mum said “John outside with that”
Remember what happened last year
When it landed on the cat!

He wanted to have a practise
As the family were coming tonight
He through it up with all his force
And it disappeared from sight.
Poor John!

John was feeling a little disabled
He’d found super glue in a drawer
He couldn’t get to the toilet
His hands were fixed to the door
Poor John!

He’s a fish out of water
John Dory is his name
I make them from cutlery
And no two look the same

I’m waiting for a delivery
Playing the postal game
He won’t have an aquarium
Just an eight by eight box frame

John had the strongest bladder
All thanks to Mrs Huttons
She was the village seamstress
That replaced his zips with buttons
Poor John

When Johns mum booked ballet lessons
The village could hear him venting
His thought of wearing a tutu
Was too-too far for relenting
Poor John !

The rain cascaded through the roof
Was this the last Amen
It didn’t matter how much they prayed
The (lead-ers) had struck again.