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13 Jul 17 - 22 Dec 20



Not a great day for a photograph but the #Bee didn’t seem to mind in fact he was wholly satisfied #130story

The pics of all the rubbish left in beauty spots leaves a nasty taste
#130story #rantover

She stood alone
from the crowd afar
If things don’t change
They’ll stay as they are!

He was always sent from class
For saying lend not Borrow
He hated the lesson anyway
He’ll do the same tomorrow #130story

How to feed a dragon
Don’t give them what they desire
Steer away from all the Beans
Or risk a flaming backfire.

John was busy celebrating
His case had been dismissed
He was driving under the influence
Just to check if he was pi- - -d

In the future if you are fined for taking an unnecessary journey,
You can redeem your money under the new Cummings and goings law.

Had to replace the spring in woody today, should be good for another fifteen years, listen to him peck that tree