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13 Jul 17 - 16 Jan 19


Trucking On! 250!

She turned up at the party
And hoped that they would need her
But the rest of the kids
Wouldn’t play follow the leader.

Locked in the boardroom
The air was overheating
While the word on the street
Was someone took a beating

Was I ready for the photograph
Well no i wasn’t quite
But I managed to get a snapshot
As he disappeared from sight

Banned from shopping in Iceland
John saw this as redemption
He’d only ever been in once
He got such a cold reception ⛄️
Poor John

John let go of all his aggressions
By digging an enormous hole
He was like a Mole on steroids
But he knew it was good for his sole
Poor John!

My father passed down the title
And I’ve carried it ever since
So every single thing I make
Is made by A Prince’
Thanks dad!

John wanted to be a golfer
So he joined the local clubs
He bought himself plus fours
And duly paid his subs

He bought the ‘standard’ golf clubs
And headed for the eighteenth hut
Poor John he was left handed
He now plays Pitch and Put

They closed down the facilities
On the main route to North Devon
Which really is a problem
When entering into heaven

I understand this problem
Is the usual of resource
But you can’t come to Devon
Less you’ve the bladder of a Horse.