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18 Nov 13 - 16 Feb 15


Earlybird! 10!

With every headshake a fresh shower of barbershop bristles burst free of his collar & danced across the desktop, making her wince @130story

The pen was in her hand & signing upon the line before she thought to query whether joining The Club was really what she came for @130story

@130story As the coin spun in the air time seemed to unfold around him, playing out all the possible horrors ahead should it land face-down

As the day rolled into its 25th hour he took up his regular post at the viewport, using the bonus minutes to survey his red world @130story

As the needle slid free of her vein she felt the chill it had left within - a liquid-silver bullet creeping along her inner track @130story

'Life' they said. As his wife wept he closed his eyes in thanks - inside he might actually have one, outside he'd be dead in days @130story

It may gleam under the rub of a thumb - but dip that digit just a little to see the plating scrape away in dull-bottomed ribbons @130story

@130story whenever he raised his hand in maths class he could feel it - the fang, buried beneath the scar and grazing against his collarbone