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'Ok, this time I want EVERYBODY joining in, but like so..

Ameh, mewhey im twemm fre....

Hode on...Sorry, didn't glue teeth in'


In the empty house Edna wandered from room to room depressed and restless. The idea of not joining him later was too much to bear. @130story

She didn't feel like joining in.Hated playing along.Living a lie.She knew one day she would have to take a stand, but not yet @130story

The pen was in her hand & signing upon the line before she thought to query whether joining The Club was really what she came for @130story

My patient was called stupid at school. Described 'brain wires not joining up.' Testing showed he was dyslexic with an IQ of 140. @130story

I'm thrilled to have landed the part of Dug, Russell's dog. I get to sing! It'll be great for my career, joining Up: The Musical. @130story