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They are in my head. They move & I collapse to the floor, spewing gibberish & foaming. There is no cure but this pistol. @130story

"Have I got a ghost for a host? Why else would my mirror image be missing my torso? Look, I ain't scared. Can we talk?". Krrrrk. @130story

They found some space and Malik released a single technanite into the case, it would be the host, triggering each zygote in [email protected]

It had been a long mornings walk o'er the vales and hills, but it was now time to rest beside the lake, amongst the daffodils. @130story

A host of sharks gathered round the carcase as though the whole round sea was one huge cheese, and those sharks the maggots in it. @130story

Host” by ggarchar, 26 Oct 13