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She spat words at him like flames, setting fire to any chance he had imagined of the reunion being anything but smouldering ashes @130story

@130story He huddled up to the dying fire, knowing it was all that stood between him and whatever those things were playing in the shadows.

Fire” by hill79, 5 Nov 13

He awoke some hours later, his feet still propped up in front of the dying fire, a slipper dangling from his little toe. @130story

The wall showed the scorch marks in the shape of the fleeing elves, white in the burnt area. The dragons aim had been perfect. @130story

A glow filled the air as night creatures gathered around the fire to perform esoteric dances casting long shadows into the forest @130story

After many hasty snatches into the fire, he succeeded in drawing out a biscuit; blowing off the heat & ashes, he offered it to me. @130story

Fire” by ggarchar, 5 Nov 13