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Good evening, Howard!
Family keeping well, Jemima?
Hi, Donald, always a pleasure.
Claire? What the...? Can't catch me!

Duck” by edbroom, 19 Mar 15

It's true officer. I'm rowing, he's standing in the bow facing aft and doesn't see the branch. I shout a warning. He says "Where?" @130story

"Ey up me duck..." Anthropologist Mark was initially confused, until he recognised the traditional native greeting form. @130story

Duck” by DigiBex, 18 Mar 15

'Quack' said the duck.. and a new language was born! He just had to wait for another duck to understand and respond.Hopefully soon @130story

"In essence," she said, "the glasshouse duck is a metaphor for the lusty intentions of the gardener." The book club girls gasped. @130story

And here we have the taxonomy for ducks totally addicted to drugs."
"For what?"
" - for complete quackheads." @130story

"Look, over there. It's a duck with one wing - "
" - two wings."
"Hm. Looks as though we have a difference of a pinion."