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The sturdy old council houses were so well built it took longer to demolish them than it did to build the trendy new ones @130story

"The build quality is atrocious - no foundations and cheap materials throughout." "Steady on Paul."said Mel, "It's only a cake!" @130story

It took years to build the family; the marriage at its heart. A mild flirtation and a single kiss smashed it to smithereens. @130story

He liked the joint medium-rare, oozing blood; she preferred it well-done. When he left she burned the roast: blood turned to dust @130story

Build it, and they will come? Not BorisWorld.
Empty zip-lines, no-one riding Brexit Bus, and Pyramid of Piffle remained uninverted

Build” by jtruk, 8 Sep 16

Zak gawped at the skips of bricks. You need a challenge, I said. New hard-to-find Lego set. The Gherkin. Full scale. Let's build. @130story

Build” by edbroom, 8 Sep 16