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Harry Potter married a Klingon. They met in the library when they both reached for "Cloaking for Dummies" at the same time. @130story

When the Hunting Ban was repealed Reynard decided to fight back. He bought himself a massive quadcopter and became The Flying Fox @130story

For many years highlighting important points at Hogwarts was surprisingly difficult, until Hermione came up with the magic marker. @130story

Bill had the weft all ready to go but the rest of the loom needed setting up ASAP. It was now all down to Joe and Warp Factor 10. @130story

As Greg awoke from uneasy dreams he found himself utterly transformed. Sometime in the night for no reason, he'd lost a [email protected]

"The build quality is atrocious - no foundations and cheap materials throughout." "Steady on Paul."said Mel, "It's only a cake!" @130story

It's not the same anymore. Ever since the whole pirate crew went on that team building exercise we call him LJS or just Long John @130story

As he turned the corner, there they were, playing in the street like it was 1974, absolutely justifying the sign "Mud on Road". @130story