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30 Jan 16 - 15 Mar 19


Trucking On! 100!

#130story In tonights production of 'Who Plays Whom', Paul plays Pamela, Angela plays Andrew, and Dick plays himself (again!).

#130story Wore my blue suede shoes to Graceland. The hound dog at the gate gave me evils; it was the devil in disguise. I was all shook up and felt down, way down.

#130story So disappointed whilst attending the launch of new book 'The Launch' that no-one cracked a bottle of champagne on it whilst it slid into the sea...

#130story Testing, testing; one two, won to, Juan too.

Too” by JonnaKing, 19 Feb 19

#130story Grace Odd caused a stir on joining Jerusalem's Alpha course. Treasurer John Udas panicked and left. "That bloody man spoils everything" Vicar Jo Esus said.

Odd” by JonnaKing, 4 Feb 19

Felicities feelings for Frank were far more felicitous than Frank's feelings towards Felicity. Fact. #130story

#130story Alan's audience was tiny this evening. "It's cold out" a friend said. Later, Alan would look at pics of his audience from the summer, to see if it was bigger then. Poor Alan.

#130story Barry Boxer was knocked DOWN LOADS. Each time he got back up. Finally the big day came; his nose fell off and he couldn't hear a thing. Poor Barry.