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30 Jan 16 - 18 Dec 18


Trucking On! 100!

#130story Confused by her midwife's overuse of medical terminology, Julie sawed her see-saw into sections.

#130story Old Knocker Nesbit was a knock-kneed knocker-up man, he knocked-up Nasty Norman's missus and was found dead in the back of a van. The knob.

#130story Reg 'fast eyes' Richardson won British Rail's 'Reading Over the Shoulder of the Person Seated Next To You' award for the third year running, receiving a black eye and fat lip in the process.

#130story Thank goodness the Fab Four didn't listen to the Maharishi when he suggested they write a song called Today, to encourage mindfulness and living in the present moment. FACT.

#130story I was introduced to the friendship club by a 'friend of a friend' whom, it turned out, was already a friend. You couldn't make it up! Even though I just made it up.

#130story Dispite his best efforts, ace tweeter Donald just couldn't spell despite.


Pat petted Peter's pet poodle, Paddy. "Thanks pet" said Peter, "for petting Paddy."

Pet” by JonnaKing, 6 Dec 18

Sarah felt the scones were successful, spread out on the counter all nice and hot from the oven, smelling delicious…