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Situation Vacant : Brachycephalic dog wanted to work in mail order packing dept - Opposable thumbs supplied - Boxer preferred @130story

Mast” by Helipix, 24 Sep 16

One minute, I was above the rooftops. Ten minutes, through the clouds. One hour, I got buzzed by Sputnik. Mighty tall, this mast. @130story

Mast” by edbroom, 24 Sep 16

First day
My belly twists and turns
Milk becomes butter as it churns
Will I make the grade?
One way to know
Into the fray I wade

We are the change we want to see in the world. We must work together to make things better for all. Nail our colours to the mast. @130story

'Master what is it you wish me to do?' 'Scan the planet and solve any issues.' Blimey he thought, my next appraisal may be tricky. @130story

It's time to get rid of books, DVDs and CDs I know I'll never read, watch or listen to again. Good job I'm a fabulous boxer-upper. @130story

'Is there any mast-ard,' he asked plummily. 'What a plonker,' she thought, squeezing chili sauce onto her kebab. @130story

Little Tommy's 100 lines detention 'I mast improve my spelling' was not all plane saleing - bad spelling puns excepted @130story

Mast” by Helipix, 23 Sep 16