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They gave me an icecream covered in mint chocolate and to capital they topped it with a marshmallow. I told them I was on a diet! @130story

Sashaying she felt the envy in their eyes. Her scarlet heels towered, her pencil skirt skimmed her hips. Pumps at her desk, [email protected]

Oh how she missed him every golf Saturday, however, she didn't complain too loudly. After all a girl needs to have a treat spa [email protected]

As frightened as a mouse, Sam tiptoed into the dark room. He heard a sound. Standing rigid. Is statue? he [email protected]

Ouch. That's my nose. @130story

'Master what is it you wish me to do?' 'Scan the planet and solve any issues.' Blimey he thought, my next appraisal may be tricky. @130story

The tooth of the comb dug into her head, as her wicked stepmother told her the lies that would make her [email protected]

Beads of sweat trickled down his brow, his muscles rip with exertion. He couldn't release the wheel nut for all the tea in [email protected]