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Another conference. I’m attending the North East Fraud Forum event and presenting. Three slides in and I realise I am delivering the wrong presentation. ‘Who hasn’t done that?’ a colleague said but he was only being kind. At least the audience now know who is the fraud.

#130story So disappointed whilst attending the launch of new book 'The Launch' that no-one cracked a bottle of champagne on it whilst it slid into the sea...


A message I'm sending
Normality does not exist
I will not be attending
Just an excuse by some
Telling others what to do
Because it beats thinking

John wanted to flip a pancake
Mum said “John outside with that”
Remember what happened last year
When it landed on the cat!

He wanted to have a practise
As the family were coming tonight
He through it up with all his force
And it disappeared from sight.
Poor John!