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‘Where are you off to?’
‘I’m going to the pub.’
‘That’s not like you.’
‘I know but Peter asked me from next door Sandra.’
‘Is Joyce going?’
‘No, but I think Kevin is.’
‘That wouldn’t be the same Tom. Looks like I’m staying home.’


Bill, Bob and Ben
Said rub a dub dub
Let's all go down the pub
Bill woke up stunned in phone box
Ben woke wearing only his socks
Bob was also still not back at home
Somewhere in a general hospital
Doctor got to work on Bob's recepticle
Removing an innocent garden gnome

Pub” by PaulPJB, 10 Oct 19

The dark, dank disease loos of yesteryear were always Billy's favourite. Not like these days where the tin cans open in full public view, pants fastened or not. AND, its costs 20p for the privilege of a pee. #130story