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Long gone beyond since bit of a laugh
New Year's Day Bob got into that bath
Scream and shout Bob refuses to get out
Will not be getting out any time soon
Even though shrivelled like a prune
Doesn't care if family think him daft
Bob wants to stay forever in his bath

Out” by PaulPJB, 14 Jan 20

He'd been out of Durham prison less than 4hrs before he walked in his local pub. He'd gone 4yr 3m and 7days clean. His taste buds craved.
"Long time no see Bill. The usual?"
"Yes please"
Tim the barman handed him a bag of pork scratchings and a pickled egg



‘It looks like Susan and Jim are clearing out their garage.’
‘They must have a viewing Tom.’
‘Well, not today as they’ve put it all on the front garden.’
‘Garden? Is that what you call it?’
‘Zen perhaps Sandra!’