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"Straight up," Eddie tells the barman. The barman blinks in disbelief as he pours. Unsteady Eddie can't be telling the truth. #130story

We knew the weight they carried: hoisted on shoulders, stacked in hearts. We'd given them the building blocks for most of it. #130story

The whole thing is a sham. Not even my teeth are real, I got them when I moved here. 32 inverse dominoes jostling for attention. @130story

I peep out of a crack between the zips. It's all I can do. I keep my lashes low to avoid torch beams reflecting in my eye. I wait. @130story

I wake up. Crackling warmth beneath me, sweetness & dirt hang in the air. I hear rain but in here, I'm dry. It's home, for now. @130story

Cracks always start to appear at this point. Being a load-bearer is a sickly ice cream swirl of hope & fear. Wait for the snap. @130story

Eyes shut, her heart pulsates like a hammer-thwacked thumb as she waits. He leaves in silence. She passed. For now. @130story

Test” by GemStGem, 14 Mar 16

He lobs the card & the coin in the direction of the bin. A carpet of grey filings is patterned with similar discarded near-dreams. @130story