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I wake up. Crackling warmth beneath me, sweetness & dirt hang in the air. I hear rain but in here, I'm dry. It's home, for now. @130story

The straw was blocked
No matter how hard she sucked the milkshake wouldn't get through
Sighing, she got up to fetch a new one

With a body of rough straw, they call me Strawman. My superpower? Making villains sneeze and rub their eyes. Being Strawman sucks. @130story

Cuddle” by edbroom, 7 Apr 16

Mine is the shortest straw. I do it or we all die. Get to the armoury unscathed. Don't get bitten. Weapon up. Kill 'em all. Easy. @130story

I'll swap tickles for your pickles
Give cuddles for your Ruddles
But Roger's pay in kind tab
Didn't cut it at the White Horse.