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13 Sep 13 - 3 Oct 16


Earlybird! 25!

Tea, toast, two cups of coffee and I can't put it off any longer. Open laptop. How many today? Oh Lord sixty, and it's only 9.30. @130story

Nicholas came back from California with a Muscle Beach sweatshirt and a torn rotator cuff. I rolled my eyes but didn't say a word @130story

I blamed it on the drains, a sweetish rotten smell upstairs, its horrifying source unknown until I rashly removed the bath panel. @130story

What's that you say? How am I? D'you want to know? Have you got three hours to spare? No? In that case I'd better just say "Fine" @130story

My patient was called stupid at school. Described 'brain wires not joining up.' Testing showed he was dyslexic with an IQ of 140. @130story

Too long since playing this game. In the spirit of the new year it's time to start again to write, draw, create in my small way. @130story

Does my house look like huge hive to the insects that try to enter by the top story window each summer morning? Why me little bee? @130story

The challenge appeared on Twitter at the appropriate moment. 1.35pm, lunch break over, already time to go back in and resume [email protected]