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It's not working, she said. He released her hand. They walked in silence. Have you got a tissue? she asked. I'm sorry, he replied. @130story

The challenge appeared on Twitter at the appropriate moment. 1.35pm, lunch break over, already time to go back in and resume [email protected]

Our lodger, Howard, once told us he was a 'button pusher'. Later events made me wonder whos buttons he pushed, and how hard. @130story

Work” by hill79, 18 Feb 14

"It's not typical of his later work." The curator frowned.
He was sweating, anxious.
She sniffed the painting.
"Hm. Fresh paint!"

A junior clerk had to work like a Gurkha / Uncynical cyborg, besotted berserker / No more a young Turk I shun work, I'm a shirker @130story

Work” by edbroom, 18 Feb 14