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Why couldn't they sail around the world,he wondered.He said it again. SAIL. For her,the word only brought to mind Macys &Tiffany. @130story

I placed my usual order."Don't stew about the futures."he said. I gave him a glare."OK,one order Worry Ton Soup coming right up." @130story

She might as well throw herself onto the dagger for all he cared. How dare he not be as conflicted as she, how dare he not know. @130story

She looked at him and thought for once that her heart and her brain may be working in tandem.He of course had no clue her turmoil @130story

"Come quickly,take my hand and let me love you."he said. She reached out and felt her heart leap as the adventure began to [email protected]

Running through the daffodils, she felt the Earth pulling her, coaxing her to become one. She felt the urge to die and find [email protected]