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"Get back to nature" they told him, so had. Now, on a hill miles from anywhere, he wished 'they' had also told him to take a map. @130story

Nature” by hill79, 2 Apr 14

The warm brighter evening brought recollection of last year. Nature relayed unspeakable detail, and summer would be hard to bare. @130story

Running through the daffodils, she felt the Earth pulling her, coaxing her to become one. She felt the urge to die and find [email protected]

The other teenagers stood and looked at the stars, gawping at the majesty. Terry would have joined in but it was not in his nature @130story

Crispy gave me the idea. Ditch the Dyson. You won't notice after a month. A sneeze, maybe. Me, I'm like nature: we abhor a vacuum. @130story

Nature” by edbroom, 2 Apr 14