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I placed my usual order."Don't stew about the futures."he said. I gave him a glare."OK,one order Worry Ton Soup coming right up." @130story

"Chink... Chink... Chink..." Despite the well-worn worry beads, care's insistent whisper in Stavros' ear wouldn't be silenced. @130story

Worry” by DigiBex, 25 Apr 14

Red worry, yewwow worry, red worry, yewwow worry... Wook, sowwy, I'm weawwy stwuggwing with that. Can we try 'Wether the weather'? @130story

Theia awoke to the sound of birdsong, dew and the trace of the campfires smoke melting the worry of her anxious dreams away... @130story

'Don't worry about the practical' they told him. 'You'll walk it.'
It was more a run as the rebel army tracked him in the jungle.

The worries of her life seemed pathetic in comparison to those of the old man before her, yet his expression one of complete calm. @130story

Worry” by hill79, 25 Apr 14

The wasps'nest was a worry on that balmy night.She couldn't open the window in case she got a fright! @130story