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When the Hunting Ban was repealed Reynard decided to fight back. He bought himself a massive quadcopter and became The Flying Fox @130story

Smouldering, stubborn Fox opened his Mozilla browser to send a response to the reporter who had spoken of a "crackpot in the FBI". @130story …

Fox” by trojjer, 29 Sep 16

"Vulpine is to fox as ovine is to...?"
"Bovine is to cow as erinaceous is to...?"
"Equine is to horse and ursine is to...?

Digitalis 'Basil Brush' or more commonly known as Fox glove puppet @130story

Fox” by Helipix, 29 Sep 16

Two of the actors were staying across the bay. I offered to row them across. But who to take first: Claire Goose or Laurence Fox? @130story

Fox” by edbroom, 30 Sep 16

Did he seriously think he'd hide his ass in a poor excuse for a corn maize? Pookie smiled 'It'll be a snap to outfox this dude' @130story

Fox” by sosbetty, 30 Sep 16

Fox news. Breaking. Some very smelly bin bags just noticed outside No 12 Larks Lane. Collection due tomorrow, best get down there @130story

Fox” by JonnaKing, 29 Sep 16