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21 Nov 13 - 2 Aug 17


Earlybird! 25!

My Red alarm clock reads 09:09 & plays "99 Red balloons".The red no.9 bus takes me to the casino and I bet £9k on red 9. I see red.#130story

Hobbling around the farm park with my old footy injury when I slip over by the pen.Sure that Kid is laughing and wait, damn Calf. @130story

Calf” by Rufuslll, 16 Mar 16

My bed is made and the alarm hasn't even sprung to life yet but here I was dressed and ready for the day ahead, good night. @130story

Bed” by Rufuslll, 8 Feb 16

Jelly Belly, that's what they call me now. Where did old Bertie go? Thanks for asking that's sweet of you but I'm all sorted [email protected]

Jelly” by Rufuslll, 7 Feb 16

Pat was supposed to paint 1 tile red, instead she paints the whole town, standing back to Revell at her art work she spots a hare. @130story

Art” by Rufuslll, 31 Jan 16

The hairs on his neck made him think that maybe, just maybe, poltergeists do actually exist. Then it hit him, yes they do. @130story

The five of us walk into the poker club with big hearts and with us all wearing the same suits, we were feeling flush. @130story

I stand inside in the beam and close my eyes. I can feel my body getting warmer, the howling causes me to shake, no turning back. @130story

Beam” by Rufuslll, 2 Mar 14