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@130story Blushing red and raspberry-scented, she quivered and shivered uncontrollably at the silent, intent approach of a silver spoon...

Jelly” by DigiBex, 6 Feb 16

The warden threw a party in the jail. Jelly and cake, fine, but cheese & pineapple? Each cocktail stick became a miniature shiv. @130story

Jelly” by edbroom, 8 Feb 16

@130story He opened a SNES emulator to play the underrated classic platformer title, Jelly Boy. Where you punch enemies with a chest fist.

Jelly” by trojjer, 6 Feb 16

Jelly Belly, that's what they call me now. Where did old Bertie go? Thanks for asking that's sweet of you but I'm all sorted [email protected]

Jelly” by Rufuslll, 7 Feb 16

The noise gets closer. Her insides liquidise & reform like strawberry jelly. She turns to face the noise. Relief! Exhale: a mouse! @130story

Jelly” by GemStGem, 7 Feb 16