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When I said I didn't really like art, Arthur suddenly became morose not realizing I meant art with a little 'a' FT @130story

The curves of tonight's life model rekindled a long denied passion. Slipping her number into her coat she went home. And waited @130story

Art” by JonnaKing, 30 Jan 16

I nod at the corner. They prop it against the wall and leave. I can't bring myself to remove the sheet concealing what's inside. @130story

Art” by GemStGem, 31 Jan 16

Pat was supposed to paint 1 tile red, instead she paints the whole town, standing back to Revell at her art work she spots a hare. @130story

Art” by Rufuslll, 31 Jan 16

When the council started to switch the lights off at night, I had to get the bodies in early. I never liked the dark. @130story

"Wherefore art thou, Romeo?"
"At night-class and I arted this yesterday" said Romeo, producing a charcoal drawing of a fruit bowl.

Art” by jtruk, 31 Jan 16

Concealing the rolled-up canvas under his cassock, he gave praise for the accuracy of The Last Supper, now on the gallery wall @130story