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She could smell the bones. They'd been there ages but that didn't affect her canine instincts, they were waiting to be unearthed. @130story

Dig” by sysengshep, 4 Oct 13

The air was thick with scents of patchouli & hash. The bearded guy praised the guitar man: "I dig those riffs, dude." Jimi smiled. @130story was her first dream which was why she spent fervoured seconds digging her physiology for toxins ...finding nothing inhuman @130story

This eternal carpenter, while pauselessly active in uncounted modes, still ignores you, though you dig foundations for cathedrals. @130story

Dig” by ggarchar, 4 Oct 13

Shit.. shit.. shit! You can still see his hand! Look it's fucking there, why's it sticking up like that? We need to dig it again! @130story

Dig” by TeeOhBee, 4 Oct 13

"Hey Marty, how deep does a grave have to be before it's not shallow? " "Just keep going, dumbass." @130story

'If I dig into my past I'll just fall down the hole' she cried. He made a note and checked his watch. 'Just take these pills then' @130story