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I just found my human mirror. Another me in this vast galaxy of mayhem. She walks, talks and me! I hate her already! @130story

They circled looking for the mirror twin buildings that were the core of operations for the droidslave architects "they're there" @130story

Terrible murders. My case.
It is he, I know; the killer. I can tell...
I must reach him first. I must make good my promise. @130story

A rope was fast to his broad canvas belt and to my narrow leather one. We were wedded with the dangerous liabilities of that bond. @130story

Twin” by ggarchar, 19 Oct 13

Late night tweeting, both fulfilling and soul destroying. "Tape Eurovision for me" she said "Skip the adverts". "But there isn't" @130story

Twin” by _xs, 18 Oct 13

The clatter of the letter box filled the spartan flat. He sighed and wondered if it would be bills or just more burning excrement @130story

He poured a glass of whisky, sank it, then sent a twin to keep it company. He didn't look for comfort in each glass, only silence. @130story

Twin” by hill79, 18 Oct 13

He didn't see the small gun in her hand till too late. He'd expected a man, not a redhead in shell-pink cashmere twinset & pearls. @130story