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- We'll miss our target unless they pull together but they're all so bloody uncooperative and suspicious
- Try leading by example?

"Give owa, ah can deeit!" she snapped, and pushed his hand away "I might be awld, bur I can still cross tha bloody road mesel" @130story

Manage” by hill79, 3 Mar 14

You know it derives from Managua? Master planners, those Nicaraguans. Get an MBA there and you're made. All that coffee, I guess. @130story

Manage” by edbroom, 4 Mar 14

Her boss was trying to manage using playground tactics again. It proved to be a tabloid hack's dream when the story finally broke. @130story

Theo thought he could manage boiling an egg in a pan;But he managed to burn it,the silly man! @130story