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His drew from the warmth of the moment; hers from darting memories and a future only she knew.
He asked why she gripped so tightly @130story

Hug” by jtruk, 5 Sep 15

The hug lingered too long, he's not mine I should go.....but then again? @130story

Lost your muse?
Got the blues?
Go seek out Hugo Hughes
That big lug
Will give such a huge hug
You may come away lightly bruised

Hug” by edbroom, 4 Sep 15

He gave me a hug, but the sharpness of his disappointment enfolded me like the embrace of a cactus. @130story

His stoicism faded as she nuzzled deeper into his arms, the contours of their bodies fitting together like lost pieces of a puzzle @130story

Hug” by hill79, 4 Sep 15

MollyCollie was a rescue dog & had a horrible start in life so every day I give her a big hug so she knows I love her. @130story