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She favoured the exposed coastal route; the dizzying drop of the cliffs, supine trees, rippling grass and the wind in her hair. #130story

The rain beat down. A bus splashed a puddle near him. It was much colder now tied to the lamppost. The stag do left him exposed. #130story

His big night. His biggest ever night. The crowd became silent. An announcement was made. The curtains fell back. His work exposed

Seemed that the local rag had a risqué photo of a lady once married to a Teletubbies actor. Their headline: PO'S EX POSE EXPOSED. #130story

I was scared to go on. Would they like it? Would they like me? Would they like my songs? I'm not ready for that kind of rejection. #130story

If I share my feelings will you think I'm weak? If I tell you the truth, strip away the pretence, will you use that against me? #130story