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She wished the ferry to Nantucket-where everyone has good haircuts-charged a fee for golden retrievers. Mutts could sail free. #130story

The reporter couldn't believe her luck. He'd practically fallen into her lap in the nightclub and was in the drunken mood to talk #130story

The fees were astronomical - she looked around the campus and thought (grudgingly) that it might just be worth it. Then she smiled #130story

"Know thyself. Trust your gut. Locate the inner you on our ten week course."
I was tempted until I saw the £300 intuition fees! #130story

Fees” by edbroom, 15 Jul 17

I don't charge fees. Most who need my help have nothing to pay with, those who do ... well, they may not realise it, but they pay

In Chillingham's glades,
the wild, white fees graze amongst
the ancient alder.


Netflix, NOW TV, Amazon Prime, Spotify
So many dues, subs and fees
Lee kept a spreadsheet
So he could see the wood for the trees