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‘How I love to listen to the timbre
Of your delightful voice Sandra
Nothing could be grander
As we sit here on the veranda.’
‘Stop it Tom, it’s only one day.’
‘I’m just trying to be poetic.’
‘More like pathetic.’

Today's word is 'poet'
You know me, I can't resist
I write verse after verse
Never is a day missed

On Twitter, my poems
Oft vex & annoy
But there are folk
Who say I bring joy

So, me, a poet
I'll rhyme in my own style
Always in the hope
I elicit the occasional smile

The Poet William Wordsworth
He didn’t have a friend
He wandered lonely as a cloud
And it drove him round the bend

We don’t know if it was cirrus
Altocumulus or stratus
But we know if we follow clouds
The world will laugh back at us

He was the verse slinger
The poet of the Wild West
Only carried a verse
In a mirror he would rehearse
Challenged to a rhyme
By the legendary, Wyatt Earp
The poet went too far
Earp shot him dead in a bar
What a sad end, for a poet
What a sad end, for a twerp


Poet” by PaulPJB, 12 Feb 19