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Bertie's always been a damn good sport but his health isn't what it was. Gents, we may need to cancel the King George VI Chase. @130story

Chase” by edbroom, 26 Mar 15

Chasing happiness, I was reduced to penury and soul-crushing heartbreak. Afterwards, I was happy. Destination, then. Not journey. @130Story

Lines & furrows, patterns & swirls on an unearthed metal disc. Joe traced the old chased patterns, searching for ancient meaning. @130story

Chase” by DigiBex, 25 Mar 15

He chased me all the way home.he followed me in & his arm grabbed at me."u've got my tie caught in ur bag" he said @130story

"Chased. For 7 years."
"What, everywhere?"
"Yes, by... Wait, with- "

"look, is this is Sexaddicts or Runners' Fans Club?" @130story