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Contrary to my learned friend, it's my belief the accused DID know the answer to 2 across,which would've avoided the entire mêlée @130story

Those lights? Meteors, perhaps. That shape? A lenticular cloud, maybe. But this beam lifting him above the houses? Beyond belief. @130story

Belief in herself was something Nia had always taken for granted. With this challenge though, she just hoped she wouldn't fail. @130story

And the tree be like, 'start as an acorn, dude' And I be like, 'have faith & grow?' And the tree be like, 'yeah, then belief'. @130story

Frooms irrational belief that he was an alien from Trogstar Beta did not surrvive contact with the Accounting Department @130story

When she aired her new beliefs as an agnostic the Right Rev John Thomas answered with surprise "okay dear - now where's my tea?" @130story