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Lucida said he was bold but not her type. The look on his face showed she was the single point of his univers and he was gutters @130story

I was taught to type 2 spaces
After a full stop
I hear the snarky comments
But I'm not a worrier
And my fave font is still Courier

He decided she wasn't his type; it wasn't going to work. He was a fussy eater. She was AB.
He licked his fang and scowled.

Type” by jtruk, 24 Oct 16

Learning to type, refined table manners, a visit to the dentist and a quick murder were her ticket out of Parsnip Under Wold. @130story

Type” by sosbetty, 24 Oct 16

Johannes never stops. Big new #discovery, he splutters. He needs some air. Once in that workshop, he's an immovable type. #VSS365 @130story

Type” by edbroom, 25 Oct 16