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Thanks. It would've been useful to know about the bald thing before I accused her of leaving hair in the sink. Now what do I say? #130story

Detention meant only one thing. She would be in the school after hours and virtually alone with her tormentor. #130story

"I need to quit," she said, struggling up the hill. "Quit smoking?" I asked "No quit climbing hills," she said with a wet laugh #130story

Quit” by sosbetty, 5 Feb 17

"Deceit is not just a future stolen, but the past." Opening the photo album for the first time in years locked her insides. @130story

Donate now. What started as a sideline at the bike shop now needs a dozen or more elves to help Santa. @130story

Bike” by sosbetty, 25 Oct 16

Learning to type, refined table manners, a visit to the dentist and a quick murder were her ticket out of Parsnip Under Wold. @130story

Type” by sosbetty, 24 Oct 16

"The only way I'll get on a motorbike is at gun point." She flared her nostrils. "And that goes double for fishing." @130story

Feel” by sosbetty, 20 Oct 16

Check. Check again. Three minutes, check again. Expecting an important message? No. just hoping for a sign I have a friend. @130story

Email” by sosbetty, 3 Oct 16