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At the dark end of the street, I step in something unknown. Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't make me nauseous. Oh...a choc ice! #130story

Tom felt sick
His sister Sam felt sicker
She bet her pocket money
That she could vomit quicker


I get in your eyes
No fire without me
I lie with mirrors
Money goes up in me
I blow up odd places
You’ll end up in chains with me


"Rather than use a proven-to-work solution, I've decided to use my own untested theory", he said. Suddenly, I felt painfully sick. #130story

Sick of being sick, Janet sought out the kids watching tv in their room. "Want to go skating?" She asked. "Sick" came the reply #130story

Rupert pulled on his Windcheater he'd rescued from his parent's loft. That's sick dad.
What like a dog or parrot, nah I be illin! #130story

There are other ways to travel across time and space other than potions and sorcery, Jay, and they don't make you feel sick.

Whether sick or injured
We’re reduced to two dates
If we’re lucky, we know the first
And if we’re lucky, we never know the second