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Sick of being sick, Janet sought out the kids watching tv in their room. "Want to go skating?" She asked. "Sick" came the reply #130story

Should I trust her? Everything about her presence & persona was suspicious, yet she was my one hope of finding the truth about him #130story

Trading insults they marched down the street, their foul abousive language ripping through the hearts of shoppers in their wake... #130story

He looked so sombre standing there waving as the train pulled away transporting her to a new life devoid of handsome men like him #130story

Today I will mostly be procrastinating. Thanks to the 130 word story I am able to take this well honed skill to a whole new level #130story

She cracked the egg hard against the pot. No break. She cracked it again, harder. The shell shattered revealing a chestnut tree #130story

#130story she was the Bain of my life, my nemesis and then she was gone. The gaping hole unbearable I left to join her in purgatory together