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He was so preoccupied with what news stories meant *for him* that he didn't see the man in a gorilla suit walk between the pages.

Unusual” by jtruk, 8 Mar 17

'Unusual' was a tag she could live with but she prefered 'special'. After all, she was the sole survivor of a once mighty empire #130story

#130story It was unusual to spot a sparrow these days so she really wasn't expecting to see a blue fronted amazon parrot on the bird table.

Dear Tom,
RE: It's not unusual to be loved by anyone
Being loved is unusual. It's extraordinary, not ordinary.
Yours sincerely,

Les & Gordon's lyrics were remarkably commonplace, awfully prosaic and, like the title, not unusual. No way would that be a hit. #130story.

Tom felt it was not unusual: Delilah felt it for him and assured him it definitely was. #130story

She cracked the egg hard against the pot. No break. She cracked it again, harder. The shell shattered revealing a chestnut tree #130story