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The tea had done the trick but the communicator could not span the millenia back to her own time. Now to find the legendary trader

Backing the Sole Trader

Backbench backlash!
Back to the drawing board…

#130story [prompt: trader]

After reading Auto Trader page by page and a quick glance at his bank account he decides. It's time to renew his annual bus pass. #130story

As he left the station, he gave his day ticket to someone deserving.
Metro didn't like it, but he thought it ethical. Fare trade.

Trader” by jtruk, 16 Mar 17

"Born Lippy" reads his market sign. Tom Ford you can afford, Chanel for chicken feed. He's known to the council as a rouge trader. #130story

Trading insults they marched down the street, their foul abousive language ripping through the hearts of shoppers in their wake... #130story

The trader sat on the train, fidgeting with his wireless headphones. He was glued to his tablet; watching Star Trek Voyager..? #130story

Heart pumping, shallow breathing, sweaty palms; the trader stared at the numbers on the screen.Falling, falling, falling.All lost.#130story