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'When's your interview?'
'11 o'clock today.'
'Shouldn't you be getting dressed then?'
'What time is it?'
'Quarter past ten.'

Today” by VivStylz, 9 Mar 17

Try to forget yesterday
Be here now, today
Live, love, laugh, learn, listen and sing
Because no one knows
What tomorrow will bring

Today I will mostly be procrastinating. Thanks to the 130 word story I am able to take this well honed skill to a whole new level #130story

It was a perilous journey but one she'd promised her mother she'd make. She'd arrived at today to witness the birth of the empire #130story

That ad was ridiculous but I still sent off a tenner. They came today. Now it looks as if they're here to stay, all my tribbles. #130story

Today” by edbroom, 9 Mar 17

Tommy Today was Chief Exec of Here and Now Inc. Their staff motto: 'Bring us your presence in the present. We'll do the rest.' @130story

Today the toadies guffawed as they waived their papers trading insults. Today they showed themselves to be power hungry sluts. #130story