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He always asks why and looks for evidence. He's suspicious because glory and shame are in the details. The proof's in the pudding. #130story

So suspicious was he of the man standing on the bridge, he had not seen his accomplice calmly approach from behind. Lights out. #130story

Simon was suspicious of Sarah's sandwiches; especially since she started sprinkling them with shockingly subversive alliteration #130story

By a noose of rough cord sits a vintage chessboard with a favourite endgame of Fischer's. So nothing remotely suspicious. #130story

Suspicious minds: root of evil
Should an old friend I know?
Not Elvis…suspicion…control…ruins lives…starts wars
Gareth Gates then

Should I trust her? Everything about her presence & persona was suspicious, yet she was my one hope of finding the truth about him #130story

Jay had been warned about the trader though she felt more suspicious of the warnings than the large man who now stood before her

Contrition? unfortunately Father struggled with suspicion as Rupert returned with new tales each day leading to his own attrition. #130story