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Detention meant only one thing. She would be in the school after hours and virtually alone with her tormentor. #130story

For nineteenth graders at Taurax's Uni, detention didn't mean writing lines or being kept back after class, it meant much worse

It upset me to see kids return to detention but it broke my heart when they didn't want to go home.

#130story I came here to seek asylum. Safety from torment. Sanctuary. Home Office locked me up in #yarlswood. What is my crime? #setherfree

I always thought detention meant 'to cease paying attention'. Needless to say, I now know what 'suspension from school' means. FT #130story

She was never given detention at school, being such a good girl. She made up for that in her 20's and was now sitting in a cell. #130story

I wrote of Marie Curie as "a mother of invention"
But my nod to Zappa's band
Attracted Mr Ray's attention
To land me a detention

Because of his customs, the traveller was detained at customs. Some people cheered. They'd never go where they weren't welcome. #130story