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Agreeing.. that's all she ever seemed to be doing lately.Keep the peace.Calm the client.Compromise yourself and your integrity. #130story

She had spent much of her life agreeing with others to try and fit in; but now, inside, she was screaming 'no, no, no....' #130story

The Yes Men, so called because their heads fell off on March 13th following too much nodding. #130story

"Remember my power dressing phase? You said I looked good in this jacket with these pearls."
"I was agreeing in Principles."

Lines of men queuing at the tills today. Each looking at each other.
Agreeing that they have saved the day.
Without any bother. #130story

"I agree. Option 2 works the best."
"It's good isn't it?"
"Good? No."
"Why did you vote for it?"
"It's the one I hate the least."

He said that he was hopeless at this sort of stuff, laughing as he mangled more resources. I agreed, but not that this was funny. #130story